Into the Unknown

Frozen 2 and lessons on the entrepreneur journey

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I know you're scared of the unknown (Known)

You don't wanna be alone (Alone)

I know I always come and go (And go)

But it's out of my control

- ‘Sunflower’ by Post Malone & Swae Lee

I think one of things I will always remember most when I look back on the pandemic and the time in lockdown with my kids will be the amount of times I have been forced to watch the movie ‘Frozen 2’!

My youngest daughters are 4 and 7 and grew up on Frozen and all things Disney. The songs, and the quotes from the movies, are seared in my memory to the point that I think I hear certain quotes in my sleep!

We signed up to Disney+ to help keep us occupied through the tighter lockdown restrictions, which meant it was wall-to-wall Frozen and Frozen 2. (Frozen 2 being the much anticipated sequel, released in 2019).

Without spoiling the movie for anyone that hasn’t seen it (and if you have young kids…you have definitely seen it!), the plot of the sequel is as follows:

Set three years after the events of the first film, the story follows the main characters Elsa and Anna, who embark on a journey beyond their kingdom of Arendelle in order to discover the origin of Elsa's (the queen) magical powers and save their kingdom after a mysterious voice calls out to Elsa.

Why Should You Care?

In the movie, a strange voice beckons to Elsa, sending her on a dangerous journey to discover the origins of her magical powers.

Despite everything being settled on the home front, Elsa is drawn on this journey and cannot resist the pull of finding out where her powers have come from and what more she can learn.

To me, there are a lot of similarities with this storyline and the journey of an entrepreneur.

Over the course of the past 2+ years, we have been fortunate to interview over 70+ entrepreneurs on our podcast show, MoneyNeverSleeps.

Some are first time founders, others have started multiple businesses.

Some have had great success in the past, others have had multiple failures.

Some have always worked in startup businesses, others have always worked the steady job in the corporate world.

But each of them spoke of pursuing their opportunities as if it was a ‘calling’. They were unable to resist the journey, even if it was uncertain.

They spent countless hours, and sleepless nights, following their dream, their passion.

Being an entrepreneur is a journey into the unknown. You can read all the books and listen to all the podcasts out there but nothing will prepare you for the unknown, the unexpected.

You can try to plan and prepare for every eventuality, but there will always be something that you didn’t expect.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It can take years for you to become an ‘overnight success’. Many don’t make it out the other end and many businesses fail.

But you cannot ignore it if it calls to you. It is the strange voice in your head that will never go away. It will nag away at you, even when the timing might not seem right.

There will never be the perfect time. There will always be challenges and it may seem dangerous to take that first step.

But the voice will always call you.

Don’t be afraid, take the first step.

As Elsa sings it best…….

Show yourself. Step into your power

Tell me why I’m wrong…

- Eoin

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- Eoin

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